About Us in Madison, AL

At Madison Family Care and Wellness Center, our patients count on us to help them, because we go beyond the standard doctor visit. We help our patients define and achieve their healthcare goals to best enhance their quality of life. From allergies and fatigue to hormones and aesthetics, we work with you to help you have a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Innovations

Get a personalized approach to care paired with the latest in health care innovations. The medical industry is constantly changing with the rapid expansion of medical research and capabilities for treating patients. As a result, we strive to give you the very best that technology has to offer to ensure that we treat and diagnose you properly. We use natural wellness treatments and preventative medicine.

Medical Team

Chad Gilliam's and Dr. Gary Adams' training and experience allows them to provide you with the best, most current information on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Chad Gilliam - M.M.S., PA-C

Chad Gilliam grew up in Huntsville, AL and graduated from the University of South Alabama with his Bachelor's of Science majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. He graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Master of Medical Science degree with a concentration in Physician Assistant studies.

He specializes in wellness medicine, hormone balancing and received clinical training in Endocrinology. His focus is in family medicine blending natural and prescription medicine.

"I really enjoy when patients tell me how much better I made them feel after balancing their hormones, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes. It lets me know that I had a positive impact on their life and gives me fulfillment. I treat a patient's entire body versus focusing on one problem area. I strive to find and fix the cause of the problem rather than just covering up the symptoms. If you are reading this message and you feel like you have hit a wall with your medical care, will you give me a chance to help you? I will do my best to make you feel better. Please call us to set up an appointment today." - Chad Gilliam -M.M.S., PA-C
Chad Gilliam - medical team at Madison Family Care and Wellness Center in Madison, AL

Dr. Gary Adams, MD

Dr. Gary Adams, MD has been practicing for over 25 years in Madison County. He received degrees in Chemistry and Biology at Jacksonville State University and attended L.S.U. and U.A.B. for post-graduate work. He graduated from UAB School of Dentistry in 1983 and practiced dentistry for three years. In 1992, Dr. Adams completed his residency in Family Practice at Huntsville Hospital. Dr. Adams practiced with his wife Kathryn for several years and then started practicing at The Center for Cancer Care. He helped to start the Hunstville Hospital ER Observation Unit and was the first medical director of the Palliative Care Unit. Dr. Adams also practiced radiation oncology and began practice at Madison Family Care and Wellness Center in 2014. He currently works on a fellowship in stem cell therapy and is Board Certified in anti-aging medicine.

“I've seen many people prescribed antidepressants, attention deficit disorder meds, sleeping pills, and other medications when the real problem was hormone imbalance. My wife was one of those people, but unfortunately she passed away before I learned how to treat hormonal imbalance. I can no longer help her, but I am committed to helping people feel better and look better while addressing the real problems.” – Dr. Gary Adams
Dr. Gary Adams - medical team at Madison Family Care and Wellness Center in Madison, AL